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Japanese Wave Pattern Matcha Set


To indulge in your matcha the proper way, use this traditional Japanese Matcha Set, which includes all that is necessary for making a perfect cup of matcha.

The Matcha bowl (Chawan) is designed with rows of ocean waves that form a traditional Japanese pattern, which symbolizes tranquility and peace.

The brilliant green of the Japanese matcha powder will stand out wonderfully against the speckled white glaze—a perfect addition to any Cha No Yu or daily Japanese tea ritual. 


The set includes: 

• Chawan (250ml, 11 x 6 cm)  – a chawan helps you whisk matcha powder freely by providing adequate space for the chasen to move freely. (This is necessary for producing the iconic froth of matcha and dissolving the matcha powder.) Its sturdy shape sits nicely in both hands.

• Chasen – the bamboo whisk can be used to prepare all matcha varieties. Whisking is essential to dissolve matcha properly and to produce its characteristic foam. Whisk in a chawan for best results.

NOTE: Tine tips unfurl upon first use. Be sure to store with tines facing up or place on a matcha whisk holder to maintain and maintain the tines’ shape.
Care Instructions: Before first use, soak the chasen in hot water for 2 minutes to open tine tips. Rinse with water, then set out to dry.

• Chasen Kusenaoshi – Matcha Whisk Holder

• Chashaku – a bamboo scoop used to measure matcha powder for serving. An essential part of any Japanese tea ceremony. One full scoop of matcha powder is equivalent to roughly 1 gram.

Care Instructions: Wipe with a clean cloth. Dampen cloth if necessary.


• Avoid the use of detergents

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