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"Thirsty Elephant" Cha Dao Wooden Tea Utensils Set

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  • $39.00

While brewing your favorite teas, take time to slow down and admire the intricate hand-carved designs of the Thirsty Elephant. In China, elephants represent good luck, harmony, and happiness. We hope that the Thirsty Elephant can share these qualities with you, while you share with him some tea. 


Material: Wood

The set Includes:

  • The "Thirsty Elephant" tea utensils holder 
  • Tea scoop to place the tea leaves in the brewing pot. This is essential, as the oils from your fingers could otherwise influence the taste of the tea.
  • a funnel to facilitate pouring tea from the brewing pot into the sharing pot/teapot without spilling.
  • Tweezers/tongs to lift the drinking cups and savor the tea's fragrance when they are too hot to handle.
  • a scoop to pick up cups / scraper to remove used tea from the brewing pot after use.
  • a needle to remove leaves that might have gotten caught in the spout of the brewing or teapot.
  • a brush to clean the brewing pot.


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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