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"Plum Tree in Bloom" Handmade Porcelain Gaiwan


This delicate handmade gaiwan is a true representative of Dehua Chinese porcelain art. Its 90ml size makes it an ideal vessel for an individual tea session, as well as for sharing tea with a friend or a loved one. Its porcelain has a satin smooth surface pleasing to watch and touch and emits a soft inner glow. The ceramic master has decorated it with an embossed picture of a blossoming plum tree next to a slender bamboo stalk. The dark red rim provides a nice contrast and an extra protection against chips and scratches.

This gaiwan is an excellent choice for a tea session where you'd want to fully immerse into experiencing tea. The art of tasting tea emphasizes observing color, smelling fragrance, tasting, and watching the shape of the tea leaves. Unlike teapots, a gaiwan can provide all of these experiences at the same time. Additionally, porcelain lets you enjoy the true taste of tea without alternating it in any way. The curved, balanced shape ensures an equal infusion of the tea leaves. The smooth lines are eye-pleasing, gentle to the touch, and provide a firm and stable hold for the tea host. The white shade of the porcelain ensures a great base for showcasing the tea soup color that matches any type of tea brewed inside.

The "Plum Tree in Bloom" gaiwan has been handmade in Dehua, Fujian province. Dehua is known as one of China's "Three Great Porcelain Capitals". The locally produced porcelain is a signature product, deemed as a national intangible cultural heritage. Although it is known as "white porcelain", it exists in many shades ranging from milky white to red. Dehua porcelain has a history of more than 1000 years, dating back to the Tang dynasty in ancient China. The then-ruling empress, Wu Zetian, thought that ordinary porcelain emitted a dazzling glow that she thought was a bad sign. By her appointment, a famous master called Yu Dehua invented a new type of porcelain with a matte inner glow. Once done, everyone in the court praised the new invention, which went by the name of its creator. Today, Dehua porcelain is praised among collectors throughout the world. 


  • Capacity: 90ml
  • Color: Very light hue of green
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Origin: Dehua, Fujian, China


NOTE: Teaware easily absorbs taste and aromas and should never be washed using detergents. 

Customer Reviews

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Arnold Armstrong
So Elegant!

I received this gaiwan just a few days and can’t let go of it since. It’s so elegant and the tree depicted on it is beautiful. I keep looking at it all the time, it’s quite detailed. The size is just perfect for two, so my girlfriend is also happy:)
To sum it up, I’m very happily with this purchase (and customer service). Thanks TEAm!