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"Peach" Handmade Yixing Teapot (ZiSha: DuanNi & ZiNi)


The shape of this pot is a variation of the classical Xi Shi Yixing teapot (宜兴紫砂西施茶壶). Xi Shi was a famous beauty of ancient China. This classical shape resembles her full round face, and the spout looks like a mouth, gentle and graceful. The round shape is perfect for letting rolled oolong leaves unfurl.  


Yixing clay (ZiSha) is a type of clay that originates in the Yixing City region of Jiangsu Province, China. Under the general Yixing umbrella term, there are many varieties, all of which differ in color, mineral content and interact differently with teas. Potters almost exclusively use Yixing clay for teaware and leave it unglazed. 

Duan Ni (緞泥) translates as "satin clay". The percentage of iron oxide in Duan Ni is always lower than in other Yixing clay, anywhere from 2-4%, with a notably high firing temperature of 1117-1200°C. The color of the clay ranges from golden or beige to light yellow or even green.

Duan Ni clay teapots are generally more porous and absorbent than other Yixing clays. Furthermore, they tend to retain heat longer. What differentiates them from other Yixing teapots is that they don't impart any pungent flavors on the tea itself. Furthermore, the clay will mellow out any harsh notes the tea may have, like the unbalanced smokiness or earthiness of darker teas. 


Potter Hua Jie from Ding shu town, Jiang Su province, Yixing, made our "Peach" Teapot from Duan Ni Yixing clay while using Yixing Zi Ni clay for the intricate peach branch handle. Hua Jie has been making beautiful nature-themed teapots for over a decade, perfecting his art. Being entirely handmade, each Yixing teapot is one of a kind. The darker Zi Ni clay perfectly mimics the grooves of a peach tree branch, while around the spout, the clay highlights the changing colors of a ripened peach. Furthermore, the unique and intricate shape sits comfortably in the hand of a tea master. 

Our "Peach" Xi Shi Yixing Teapot will make a lovely addition to your gongfu tea set, offering a delicate tea aesthetic. Like all Yixing teapots, if you often enjoy Gong Fu Cha with your Duan Ni Teapot, it will gradually develop a beautiful luster, becoming coated with the tea oils. Furthermore, watch your teapot slowly change in color with time. After purchasing a Yixing teapot, you'll notice how it becomes your faithful tea ritual friend — morphing with time and always offering a new and unique tea-drinking experience. 


    Capacity: 120ml

    • Speed of pour: 10.9 ml/sec (since each teapot is individually crafted, the pouring speed may vary)

    • Filter: ball, 7 holes

    Material: Yixing clays (ZiSha)

    Duan Ni (body)

    Zi Ni (handle)

    • Shape: Xi Shi (西施)


    NOTE: This teapot is handmade, making each piece unique and one of a kind. Thus, the teapot you will receive may slightly differ from the one in the photos.

    NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ross Reiss

    Nice product

    One word: Craftsmanship

    This yixing teapot is the essence of what I call craftsmanship. Such intricate work! Such precision! The way the lid clicks when it's closing. And the way the master mixed the two clays to create a natural fruit pattern. I dedicated this teapot to rolled oolongs, and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Worth every penny. Thank you! 🙏🏻