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Tea Set

Set of Handmade Jianzhan Tea Cups

The Jianzhan Tea Cup is the pinnacle of black porcelain. When drinking tea from Jian Zhan teacup, the temperature of the brew will stay pleasantly warm for a long time. While you sip the tea, watch the colors of the glaze gently play and intermingle with the tea. Made by Chan Hoi Kong.

Black Pottery Zen Style Teacups

This set includes two glazed teacups. Black Pottery signifies “the civilization of earth and fire, the combination of strength and beauty”. Zen Style (Chan Feng) emphasizes on simplicity and peacefulness.

Matcha Set

To indulge in proper matcha drinking, we recommend this Japanese matcha set which includes: Chashaku, a bamboo scoop used to measure matcha for serving; Chasen, bamboo whisk to properly mix matcha with water; And Chawan, the bowl in which to prepare matcha and to drink it from.

Japanese Wave Pattern Matcha Set

To indulge in your matcha the proper way, use this traditional Japanese Matcha Set. The rows of ocean waves, a traditional Japanese pattern, symbolizes tranquility and peace. The brilliant green of the Japanese matcha powder will stand out wonderfully against the speckled white glaze.

Crude, Zen Style Matcha Set

To indulge in proper matcha drinking, we recommend a Japanese matcha set. The Chawan of this Matcha Set has a slightly rustic appeal. The polished white interior creates a stunning contrast for the grass-green matcha.