Blanc De Chine Porcelain Gong Fu Tea Cup ("Feather")

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Blanc De Chine pottery originates in Dehua, Fujian Province, and is crafted using the local top-quality Kaolin clay. This delicate porcelain teacup is made without glaze and fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees. The tactile and qualitative finish is resemblant to Jade, giving it the name “Jade Porcelain” in China. This quality is seen in its translucency when holding the teacup up to the light.


Porcelain teacups are primarily used for light teas, like green teawhite teayellow tea, and light oolongs. The porcelain highlights the subtle flavors and brings out the gentle colors of the tea brew.  


Due to its low iron oxide amounts, the clay from Dehua fires to a bright white hue. Blanc de Chine translates as “White from China” in French. The art is plated in 18K gold and results in a “raised” effect on the gaiwan. In the Ming Dynasty, the peacock represented power, rank, and beauty. This teacup pairs beautifully with the Peacock Blanc De Chine Porcelain Gaiwan. 


• Color: Ivory White
• Material: Blanc De Chine Porcelain aka "Jade Porcelain". Unglazed. 18K Gold Plated
• Capacity: 1.7fl oz / 50ml
Dimensions:  2.2 x 2.1 inch / 5.7 x 5.4 cm


NOTE: Avoid using detergents when cleaning.

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