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Bodhidharma Tea Pet (ZiSha Clay)

This Yixing clay tea pet right here is none other than a meditating Bodhidharma – a 5th-6th century Indian monk who brought Chan Buddhism to China and inspired the creation of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Happy Pig Tea Pet (Yixing ZiSha Clay)

In Chinese culture the cute and chubby face of a pig is a symbol of abundance and good fortune. Drinking tea next to the Happy Pig Tea Pet we hope that the your new pig companion rubs off on you and greets you with an abundance of delicious tea and a feeling of peace.

Chubby Puppy Tea Pet (ZiSha Clay)

According to the Chinese zodiac, the dog is a symbol of good luck. They are believed to drive away disasters and represent good omens. Dogs are so renowned in Chinese myth lore, they are sometimes used to vanquish demons! We hope this chubby puppy tea pet can provide you with the same level of fortune!

Master of Zen Rabbit Tea Pet

In Chinese culture the rabbit is a symbol of good luck and creativity. Drinking tea next to the Master of Zen Rabbit Tea Pet we hope you will be filled with a sense of zen and tranquility that allows abundant space for the creativity to take place.

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