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"Summit" Thuong Son GuShu Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake (Vietnam)


In the temple the wise master Lao Cha was preparing for his pilgrimage journey deep in the mountains of the hilly lands of Yue Nan. He was overhearing the muffled whisper of his apprentices. How come the Master didn't take any tea with him on such a long and enduring journey?? Lao Cha smiled quietly at the thought of the fragrant cup that would await him at his destination: the secret tea of the Yao brothers made in the mountains of Yue Nan.


A special treat for Pu-erh tea lovers, this addition to our Pu-erh collection comes from the mountain slopes of Vietnam.

Pu-erh tea is a type of fermented tea from China that originated in Yunnan. While Pu-erh tea's traditional production is limited within Yunnan, other countries, such as Vietnam, have been producing this tea for some time now. 

In Vietnam, Pu-erh tea is known as "Sông Trà" or "Trà cổ thụ". It is made in the northern mountainous regions of the country. Vietnamese Pu-erh tea is made from large-leaf tea trees. Usually, they are wild-growing trees from the Assamica variety. Farmers harvest and process the leaves similarly to Chinese Pu-erh tea. They wither, pan-fry, roll the leaves and shape them into cakes or bricks. 

Pu-erh tea is mainly produced in the provinces of Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Son La in northern Vietnam. These regions have a similar climate and geography to Yunnan, making them ideal for growing large-leafed tea trees. Our Vietnamese Pu-erh tea is made by the Dao people – a local tribe living in the Thượng Sơn area in Ha Giang, Vietnam. It is a clean area with good biodiversity, rich soil, and abundant streams running down the mountain peaks. Teas from Thượng Sơn possess a strong alpine forest fragrance and fruity sweetness.  

Tea farmers pick a bud and two to three leaves from wild Assamica trees, growing 1300m above sea level. They wither, pan-fry, roll and dry the leaves in the sun to obtain wild, half-finished maocha. Then, they shape them into tea cakes and let them age and transform. Our tea was processed a bit redder than typical modern Yunnan processing but greener than standard Vietnam processing. 

Our Thượng Sơn Sheng Pu-erh is soft, with plenty of sweetness balanced by green and floral notes. On later brews, it develops a pleasant bite and long-lasting finish. Warmer notes emerge, accompanied by a strong Cha Qi.

In recent years Pu-erh from Vietnam has become all the rage among tea drinkers throughout the world. People often compare it to Chinese Pu-erh as a high-quality alternative. It is also favored by those who prefer a milder flavor profile.


Place of Origin: Thượng Sơn, Hà Giang, Vietnam
• Altitude: 1300m
Harvest Time: April 2022
Picking Standard: One bud with two to three leaves 
Aroma: Fresh aroma with fruity notes
Taste: Bright yet smooth, full of fruity notes and alpine freshness, zero bitterness, and a long sweet finish.   
Varietal: Shan Assamica


Brewing guidelines:

     212℉ / 100℃  

     1g per 80ml   3-5min

          1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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