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"Red Cat" Jingmai Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake, 2014 (100g)


In the tranquil dawn of Jingmai Mountain, Master Lao Cha challenged his disciple to discern the essence of their latest treasure, the decade-aged "Red Cat" Pu-erh tea cake. The eager yet naive disciple boasted, "Master, I shall uncover its secrets with a single sip!"

As the tea's aroma wafted through the air, a blend of ancient flowers and the wisdom of time, the disciple took a careful sip. He was taken aback by the smoothness, the mellow sweetness that danced on his tongue.

 – "Master, it's like the tea has forgotten how to be bitter!", – he exclaimed, puzzled with delight.

 – "Ah, my young friend, that is the art of aging. Over ten years, this tea has not been forgotten but evolved, shedding the harshness of youth to embrace a balanced sweetness and a mouthfeel as smooth as the mountain mists of Jingmai", – chuckled Lao Cha. 

We are presenting our "Red Cat" Sheng Pu-erh tea from the highly esteemed Jingmai Mountain in Yunnan province, China. The material for this tea was harvested in the spring of 2014 and has been aging ever since. The tea trees for this Pu-erh tea cake grow at 1500 meters, a key factor contributing to its remarkable quality and flavor profile. 

Our "Red Cat" Pu-erh, crafted from the Yunnan Da Ye Zhong varietal, embodies the transformative power of time. Carefully selected, following a picking standard of a bud and two to three leaves, this tea has aged for a decade, evolving into a sweet, rounded, and balanced taste. The aging process has mellowed the tea, eliminating the raw bitterness found in younger leaves and enriching it with a uniquely pleasant aged flavor. It's an invitation for a tea ritual of intrigue and discovery.

The aroma of this Pu-erh is a harmonious blend of delicate floral scents with distinguished aged notes, offering a preview of the depth and complexity of the tea's taste. It delivers low bitterness and a smooth mouthfeel on the palate, making each sip a genuinely delightful experience.

Jingmai Mountain is a sanctuary for Pu-erh enthusiasts. Its pristine environment, far from urban pollution, allows tea trees to thrive in a semi-wild state. The tea gardens on Jingmai Mountain are nestled among natural vegetation, fostering a biodiverse habitat that enriches the soil and contributes to the distinctive taste and aroma of its teas. This natural cultivation method, combined with the mountain's high altitude, ensures that our Pu-erh tea cake captures the essence of its beautiful, unpolluted surroundings.

The "Red Cat" Pu-erh tea cake combines the high mountain's pure environment, a distinct local flavor profile resulting from the region's unique biodiversity, and the transformative power of aging. It invites tea lovers to explore a taste that is deeply mellow, sweet, and enriched by the passage of time, offering a tea experience that is as rewarding as it is enjoyable.


  • Place of Origin: Dapingzhang village, Jingmai Mountain, Lancang County, Yunnan, China
  • Altitude: 1500m
  • Harvest Time: April-May 2014
  • Picking Standard: one bud, two-three leaves
  • Aroma: smoked dates
  • Taste: sweet, notes of dates and prunes. Pleasant astringency. Long and sweet fruity finish
  • Tea Tree:  Da Ye Zhong (大叶种)


Brewing guidelines:

        212℉ / 100℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-5min

     1g per 20ml   5sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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