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Wuyi Oolong Tea Sample Pack


What's in the Discovery Collection:
1: "Water Sprite" Shui Xian Wuyi Oolong Tea ( 15g)
Slightly roasted, with delightful nutty and mineral notes and floral aroma
2: "Big Dipper" Bei Dou Wuyi Oolong Tea ( 15g)
Well-balanced roast with deep mineral notes; long-lasting mouthwatering finish
3:  "Yellow Goddess" Huang Guan Yin Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea (15g)
Roasted, multilayered, sweet and mineral, with a distinct orchid aroma.
4: "Golden Turtle" Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong Tea ( 15g)
Sweet and fruity with mineral notes, transforming with each infusion; long-lasting mouthwatering finish.


The Wuyi Mountain region is the place of 39 peaks, 99 valleys, and a river with 9 bends. The mountain peaks, though not incredibly high, are always shrouded with fog and mist.

Rock Tea (also known as Cliff Tea) grows on the Wuyi Mountain rocky, mountainous terrain. The moisture from fog and mist gets accumulated on the rocky sides of the mountains and then flows down these rocks, to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating an unmistakable taste. The harsh conditions force the tea bushes to store up nutrients, which results in a very smooth and sweet tea. 

A perfect cup of Wuyi Rock Tea is when the mineral, roasted side is in perfect balance with the sweet, floral side.

Tea enthusiasts use the word Yan Yun to describe a perfect cup of Wuyi Rock Tea. The term is poetically translated as Rock Rhyme.


Yan Yun is described by the mouthwatering sensation one gets after sipping the tea. The Rock Rhyme entrances us, invites us to drink more of the tea, absorbing all the nutrients it possesses. 


Our Wuyi Oolong Tea collection encompasses the best selections of Wuyi Yancha. Yancha, or Rock Rea, is oolong tea that comes from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China.


Try these four excellent representatives of Wuyi Oolong Tea to discover your favorite. 

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