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Jin Xuan (Milk Oolong Tea), Taiwan

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After trying some Milk Oolong from Ali Shan Mountain the Emperor asked tea master Lao Cha:

— Tell me, o Wise one, how were you able to achieve such a gentle scent of gardenias and milk? Such a soft, velvety, and buttery taste?

— This wasn’t hard, Your Highness. All I had to do was plant the Jin Xuan tea bush on Ali Shan Mountain in Taiwan, at a very high altitude. Then cultivate it on the mountain’s rocky slopes, together with the cool air and occasional fog. The roots of the tea bush will have no choice but to suck up all the available moisture and nutrients and send it to the leaves. These tea leaves will, in turn, become oolong tea and gift you and all the people of the world their delicate flavor and healthy qualities.


Jin Xuan / Milk Oolong is a fine classic Taiwanese oolong. Its taste is light, creamy, and flowery. Its milky aroma is natural, unlike many so-called "milky oolongs" that are simply artificially flavored low-grade tea. 

Contrary to myth, the buttery taste of Jin Xuan is not obtained through steeping or steaming the tea leaves in milk before roasting. Its unique taste is obtained by properly oxidizing and processing the tea that is grown at high altitudes of Taiwanese mountains. 

The first three infusions of this tea will have a delicate milky scent, and for the following infusions the scent of milk will start gradually fading.


Place of Origin: Ali Shan, Nantou, Taiwan
Harvest Time: May 05, 2017
Dry Leaf: Evenly and tightly rolled tea leaves
Aroma: Natural unique milk and osmanthus
Caffeine level: Low 


How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:


Brewing guidelines:

     195℉ / 90℃
 5g    3-4min 
 7g    Rinse. Then 10sec + 5sec  for each subsequent infusion 


    How to brew loose leaf tea, GongFu style: 

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