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"Honey Scent" Mi Xiang Oolong (Taiwan)


A young disciple asked the wise master Lao Cha:

 - Shifu, what is this enchanted smell coming from your cup? It reminds me of the fresh flowers covering the meadow - yet, there is a sweetness I haven't experienced before.

- This, my boy, is Mi Xiang Oolong. Growing in the high hills of Nantou, its unique flavor is crafted both by man and nature. Only by hurting the leaves can this tea achieve its unparalleled sweetness. Now go meditate upon this.


This fine, medium-roasted oolong has a mild yet vivid character. It combines a classic Taiwanese variety with traditional processing and the unique "Honey Scent" (Mi Xiang) craft. 

This craft tea uses a classic Taiwanese cultivar, Ruan Zhi (Qing Xing – 青心). Qing Xin (which translates as "green heart") is prominent in Taiwanese High Mountain Tea farming. Ruan Zhi is used for the production of various types of Oolong tea. It has a sweet and floral character with a creamy mouthfeel, enjoyed by tea lovers worldwide. The high oxidation degree further enhances its exceptional aroma and taste and makes them stand out. The result is an indulging taste with vanilla, cacao, and chocolate notes. A persistent honey flavor stands out without being overpowering and melts into a lingering sweet aftertaste. 

Legend has it that a young student from Lugu township went to Fuzhou to attend an exam in the Qing dynasty. As he was poor, he received sponsorship from a man of the same clan called Lin Sanxian. The student offered him twelve of the thirty-six Qing Xin oolong tea seedlings he had collected from WuYi Shan to repay his kindness. Lin Sanxian planted those tea seedlings on the foothills of Dong Ding mountain. This way, he brought the tea cultivar and the tea-drinking habit to Taiwan.

Our "Honey Scent" Mi Xiang Oolong comes from Taiwan's Nantou county. It is where the famous Dong Ding mountain is situated. The high altitude, dense forest, and good soil create favorable growing conditions for the tea trees.

The Mi Xiang is a group of Oolong teas with a special crafting common in Taiwanese oolong production. A famous representative of this group is the Oriental Beauty (Dongfang Meiren – 东方美人) – a highly oxidated oolong with an intensive sweetness and clearly expressed honey taste. Mi Xiang tea has the pleasant taste of a medium roasted oolong with bright honey and ripe fruit notes. Not to mention, its satisfying sweetness will no doubt make you crave more.

To get the most out of this wonderful tea, we recommend brewing it Gong Fu Cha style. Also, this fine tea produces excellent results with cold brews. 


  • Place of Origin: Lugu Village, Nantou County, Taiwan
  • Altitude: 1000m
  • Harvest Date: November 2021
  • Roast: Medium
  • Oxidation: High
  • Aroma:  Honey & roasted coffee beans aroma
  • Taste: Honey, vanilla, chocolate, cacao.
  • Cultivar: Ruan Zhi (aka Qing Xin, TRES #17)


Brewing guidelines:

       205℉ / 95℃ 

1g per 50ml   3-4min

     1g per 20ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle Gamboa
Lovely oolong!

This is a flavorful, toasty, warm brew. Several steeps in and each one is still full of flavor. The scent is so captivating and comforting, too. This is a great tea to drink after a long day of work.


Yummmmmmmm. Very tasty. Nice and roasted.

Tea Maven
Sweet Dong Ding

A very satisfying toasty Taiwanese Dong Ding oolong with a distinctly sweeter flavor than the Frozen Summit Dong Ding. I love both of them and will reorder.



David White
Roasted Honey!

This is a nice oolong to try. For me, it did have that roasted oolong smell but it also was coupled a scent of a few drops of honey. The taste was very bold and tasty. ☺