Luwak Coffee

Luwak Coffee comes from Bali – an Indonesian island well known for excellent coffee and beautiful landscapes. A small animal, called Luwak by the locals, otherwise known as the Asian Palm Civet, also resides in the area.

The cute little animals live in Bali's forests. Their favorite food to scavenge happens to be the tasty, ripe coffee cherry. While the caffeine in the coffee cherry is a natural repellent for most animals, it is not the case with the Luwak.

While in the little guy's stomach, the coffee bean goes through fermentation, adding a unique and delicious aroma. Then it comes out through the digestive system, intact! The whole beans are collected from the forest floor and thoroughly washed, dried, further cleaned, and afterward roasted and ground just like any other coffee.

The resulting "Kopi Luwak" coffee is like no other. Luwak Coffee has a mellow, yet rich flavor with hints of caramel. The body is incredibly smooth.