Lullaby Herbal Tea

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A young monk asked the wise tea master Lao Cha:

– Sensei, there are so many thoughts running through my head that I can’t rest or sleep. What can I do to relax my tired, yet restless mind? 

– Drink Lullaby Herbal Tea and worry ‘bout nothing – It will take good care of you. 


This herbal blend is perfect if you’re looking to relax before bed. Chamomile is well known to help reduce stress and promote a good night’s sleep. German Chamomile, in particular, is known to be the most potent variety. Mint supports positivity and good thoughts, as well as helps clear fatigue after a long day. Some believe that drinking mint before bed makes dreams more vivid. Lastly, we add just a dash of Sencha with roasted brown rice to our blend because of the high level of nutrients and antioxidants found in this Japanese staple tea. These ingredients altogether bring out a refreshingly sweet and nutty aroma. Drinking Lullaby Herbal Tea after a stressful day will surely help uplift the mood and calm the mind in preparation for rest.


  • Place of origin: Germany, China, Japan
  • Ingredients: Chamomile, Mint leaves, Sencha, Brown rice
  • Tea Type: Tisane with a tad of sencha green tea
  • Aroma: Light chrysanthemum and minty aroma with notes of sesame  
  • Taste: Slightly sweet, cooling and refreshing mellow taste
  • Caffeine level: very low


How to brew loose leaf tea, Western Method:


Brewing guidelines:

     210℉ / 99℃

     6g per 500ml   5-7min

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