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Japanese Teas Discovery Collection

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Japanese teas are known worldwide for being both delicious and healthy. The country’s tea history dates back to the 12th century, when tea was first introduced to Japan from China by Buddhist monks. Praised for its excellent flavor and health benefits, tea soon became popular with court nobility and the samurai class. Today Japan is known for producing the world-renowned matcha, delicious sencha, exquisite gyokuro, and roasted-nutty genmaicha.

Try these four distinct beverages and forever become a fan of Japanese teas. 


What's in the collection:

1: Organic Matcha (1/2oz)
Rich vegetal taste followed by a light sweet aftertaste

2: Genmaicha (Brown Rice Tea) (1/2oz)
Perfect balance between the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of fried rice

3: Sencha Fukamushi (1/2oz)
Delicate yet bold taste with no astringency and a vegetal aroma

4: Gyokuro Hoshino (1/2oz)
Mellow, sweet and full-bodied taste. Grassy, with a hint of seaweed


How to brew Japanese Green Teas:


How to make Matcha:

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