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Wuyi Rock Tea

Not sure what to choose? Oolong or Black tea? White tea or Green tea? Japanese tea or Chinese tea?

Try one of these carefully assembled Tea Sample Packs to determine which cup of tea is truly yours.

Oolong Tea Sample Pack

The production of oolong tea requires some of the most artisanal and sophisticated skills of tea making. Oolong tea artisans are much like boutique winemakers. Try these four excellent oolongs to discover your favorite bouquet of taste and aroma.

Wuyi Oolong Tea Sample Pack

The Wuyi Mountain peaks are always shrouded with fog and mist. The moisture gets accumulated on the cliffs and then flows down these rocks, to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating the unique “rock rhyme" taste for which Wuyi Oolong Teas are so famous.

Dark Oolong Tea Sample Pack

Dark oolongs typically undergo a longer roast compared to light oolongs and are known for their rich, toasty flavors. When drinking a dark oolong, the palate will be greeted with a strong sensation similar to that of drinking dark liquor, and slowly mellowed out by the long-lasting honey-sweetness.