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Smoky Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Taste: sweet and fruity
Aroma: smoky pine, campfire
Mouthfeel: thick, rounded & silky


About Black Teas (Hong Cha) [+]

“Black Tea” as we call it in the West, or "Hong Cha" ("Red Tea") as it is called in Asia is well-known as an afternoon tea for its mellow and sweet flavor and relaxing effect. At the same time, for many tea drinkers, it is also a perfect "pick me up" tea and a good coffee replacement.

Unlike green tea processing, which attempts to preserve the green color of fresh tea leaves, black tea processing encourages the tea leaves to oxidize and change color from green to coppery red. This change in leaf color is referred to as oxidation.

Being fully oxidized, black (or red) tea has dark leaves and produces a deep-colored liquid, as well as tender, yet profound characteristics.