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"Golden Tip" Jin Hao Black Tea



A young monk asked the wise tea master Lao Cha:

– Sensei, is there a red (black) tea that can satisfy anyone’s taste?

– Yes, there is such a tea. It’s called Jin Hao. Golden Tip Red Tea. It is complex and fruity but at the same time its neutral and round. This red tea cannot disappoint. 


This is a rare organic black tea with a complex fruity fragrance and sweet taste. Jinhao Black Tea is made of tea buds and tender leaves from the Baihao tea bush. 

Located in a mountainous area at heights ranging from 500 - 1,200 m, Yaming Bai Hao tea garden, where Jin Hao is produced, covers a total area of 1,000 mu. Due to its elevation, the tea garden is often shrouded in clouds and mist. It protects the tea bushes from the harmful effects of UV rays, as well as increases the contents of amino acids and chlorophyll that gets accumulated in the tea buds and leaves. To ensure tea quality, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are strictly forbidden in this garden. 


Place of Origin: Longlin County, Baise City, Guangxi, China
Harvest Date: June 2017
Dry Leaf: Twisted strips covered in golden tips
Aroma: Notable fruity aroma (lychee, mango, longan)
Taste: Sweet and mellow 
Tea Bush: Bai Hao Tea Tree


Brewing guidelines:  


   195℉ / 90℃  

   6g per 500ml   3-5min

        6g per 110ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion

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