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"Big Dipper" Bei Dou Wuyi Oolong Tea


Wuyi Mountain has long been renowned for its teas baring the unforgettable Yan Yun. One day the Emperor sent a letter to the Wise Tea Master Lao Cha, asking for the most balanced cliff tea. 

Lao Cha sent back a small jar of the Big Dipper. At first, the Emperor was sad to see such a small amount of tea. But as soon as he drank it he realized, the tea leaves hold within all the misty rocky slopes of the Wuyi Mountains. As many times as he brewed it, the taste wouldn't subside. Flavorful, mineral, roasted, and sweet. It became a Wuyishan favorite.


The Wuyi Mountain region is the place of 39 peaks, 99 valleys, and a river with 9 bends. The mountain peaks, though not incredibly high, are always shrouded with fog and mist. The moisture gets accumulated on the rocky sides of the mountains and then flows down these rocks, to the roots of the tea plants, enriching them with minerals and creating the unique Yan Yun (“rock rhyme") taste for which "Big Dipper" Bei Dou Oolong Tea is famous. 


Our Bei Dou Wuyi Oolong Tea is a prime example of Wuyi Rock Tea. From the first sip, you can taste the iconic mineral taste and the lingering Yan Yun. The tea gracefully transforms with each sip, easily lasting over ten infusions. The medium roast of this Cliff Tea gently warms the body throughout the Gong Fu session. 

Our "Big Dipper" grows in an area called Zheng Yan, the prime part of the famous Wuyi Shan area. It is a National Reserve in which the use of pesticides is prohibited. Naturally, all teas coming from the area are organic and pure. 

To make this Wuyi Oolong tea, only traditional techniques are used, which have been passed on for generations. The tea is roasted three times over a wood charcoal fire infusing it with the warming roasted taste and aroma. An incredibly well-balanced tea with a mouth-watering finish.


Place of Origin: Liang Hua peak (Zheng Yan), Fujian Province, China
Harvest date: May 2020
• Roast: Medium. Charcoal roasted
Dry Leaf: Green-brown, tightly twisted
Aroma: Rich Floral & Fruity aroma
Taste: Well-balanced roast with deep mineral notes; long-lasting mouthwatering finish.
Tea Bush: Beidou 


Brewing guidelines:

        195℉ / 90℃ 

6g per 500ml   3-4min

     6g per 110ml   10sec + 5sec for each subsequent infusion 

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