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Low Caffeine


Taste: roasted, nutty, caramel-like
Aroma: roasted
Mouthfeel: smooth & thick

Low caffeine content.

Blackcurrant Herbal Tea

Sweet and sour, refreshing blackcurrant flavor

Blueberry World Herbal Tea

Perfect mix of grapes, black currant, blueberry and cornflower

Sweet Peach Herbal Tea

Sweet nectarine drink with notes of peach, apple, orange and chrysanthemum

Herbal Tea Sample Pack

Our herbal teas exhibit flavors from around the world. We hand-blend our caffeine-free herbal teas with premium organic herbs.

Apple Awakening Herbal Tea

Great combination of apple and citrus flavors

Dark Forest Herbal Tea

A delicious mix of hibiscus, apple, grapes and peppermint

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Tropical Herbal Tea

Great combination of Pineapple, Coconut, Apple, Mango and Papaya

Waterlilies Herbal Tea

Great, refreshing pineapple flavor

"Buds of Old Trees" Wild GuShu Yabao Raw Pu-erh Tea, 2019

Taste: Sweet, dried fruits, prunes
Aroma: notes of forest and dried fruits
Mouthfeel: mellow and thick

Low caffeine content.

Lullaby Herbal Tea

Slightly sweet, cooling and refreshing mellow taste with nutty notes. Great for relaxation and for good night sleep.

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